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Just Be

After five years I'm back on the island of Ibiza, having been invited to manage and produce a startup branding assignment by La Isla Project, an art collective based on this Balearic island that was my home until the spring of 2017. Earlier in January Marco Ferraris, a multitalented photographer and art video director I had briefly worked with back here on the island, had asked me to assess a group of people he wanted to work together to form a new creative agency that could also act as an event organizer and formation services provider.  We decided that the best way forward for now…

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Since I can remember I've always felt like an alien. Growing up with parents from two distinctively different cultures can do that to you. There was a time during my teenage years where I often felt out of place. I didn't feel neither fish nor fowl, so to speak. If I was in the UK people would say: "ah OK so you're Italian then! ". In Italy it was: "eh you are so British! ". It's all pretty harmless criticism, but my sensitivity was deeply attuned to certain feelings of alienation already, so little things like this forced me to deal with it and make…

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