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    Stefano Lazzaro

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    A duality, whose notion pretty sums up my decision in the late 90s to take on a more profitable career than the one prospected by the starving artist archetype, and move to London, UK for what I saw as a sustainable creative compromise. Namely, the one offered by a steady job in the TV Media Broadcast sector. Following a few and variegated attempts to try and climb that corporate ladder; ones that saw me cut advertising reels for The Register Group (Xtreme Information) when linear editing was still a thing, as well as pursuing content writing stints in the emerging IT market for Purple Interactive and their sub-brands, I did  make my bones first at IMG Media as a Freelance Producer, then at ESPN Sports as an On-Air Promotions Producer employed through their ESPN Classic Sports channel network. Having soon noticed that once you start within a certain genre, in my case sports, it’s then very easy to feel and at the same time be boxed in by it, in 2008 I founded Amor Films Ltd, in order to branch out and use both my creative and all-round technical skills acquired along the way, for a broader market.  In a nutshell: see, love and evolve. This is what’s it’s all about, for me at least.