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A duality, whose notion pretty sums up my decision in the late 90s to take on a more profitable career than the one prospected by the starving artist archetype, and move to London, UK for what I saw as a sustainable creative compromise. Namely, the one offered by a steady job in the TV Media Broadcast sector. Following a few and variegated attempts to try and climb that corporate ladder; ones that saw me cut advertising reels for The Register Group (Xtreme Information) when linear editing was still a thing, as well as pursuing content writing stints in the emerging IT market for Purple Interactive and their sub-brands, I did  make my bones first at IMG Media as a Freelance Producer, then at ESPN Sports as an On-Air Promotions Producer employed through their ESPN Classic Sports channel network. Having soon noticed that once you start within a certain genre, in my case sports, it’s then very easy to feel and at the same time be boxed in by it, in 2008 I founded Amor Films Ltd, in order to branch out and use both my creative and all-round technical skills acquired along the way, for a broader market.  In a nutshell: see, love and evolve. This is what’s it’s all about, for me at least.


 1st July 2023 

Just Be

After five years I'm back on the island of Ibiza, having been invited to manage and produce a startup branding assignment by La Isla Project, an art collective based on this Balearic island that was my home until the spring of 2017. Earlier in January Marco Ferraris, a multitalented photographer…

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 19th June 2023 

Let It Be Love

A few years back, and for a while, I was having apocalyptic dreams of natural forces having the best of human kind. Tidal waves, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, you name it. Usually, the dream ended just as I was about to get hit by one element or another, so I…

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 16th June 2023 


Since my adolescent days, and more pronouncedly in my early teens I had real issues with fitting into the so-called norm of middle-class urban Italian culture. It could have been something that was due to my mixed cultural upbringing. Possibly it may have had something to do with some inscrutable…

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 15th June 2023 

That’s All Folks!

A while ago, I was following the Pizzagate news story that unfolded mainly over the web, intrigued and at the same time disgusted by its narrative and implications. It felt kind of weird how it kept surfacing linked to what seemed the most random events, such as the John Podesta…

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 8th June 2023 

Crystal Lizzies

When I was about 12 years old and spending my summer holidays at my grandparents home in North England, a kid we played with, one with a difficult family background to say the least, was keen to summon evil forces via a ritual that involved peeling an orange in a…

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 1st June 2023 

Them dicks that rule your wick

While I was managing a summer rental villa in Ibiza between 2016 and 2017, a group of British women showed up for a weekend of debauchery and fun in the sun to celebrate one of them getting hitched. When they left, I asked one of them to leave me a…

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 13th May 2023 


I had this idea back in college to somehow create a visual hand gestures vocabulary to describe the many hand signs and symbology of Italian culture. I had originally wanted to make small etchings, however aside from a few ink pen sketches it never took off and instead I extended…

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 9th April 2023 


Since I can remember I've always felt like an alien. Growing up with parents from two distinctively different cultures can do that to you. There was a time during my teenage years where I often felt out of place. I didn't feel neither fish nor fowl, so to speak. If…

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 1st March 2023 

The Androemoticon State

I came across Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo's painting "The Fourth State" a few times in my life as part of my Art History studies, and though it is regarded as one of the most iconic paintings of the twentieth century, I never quite felt much appreciation for it despite its…

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 1st February 2023 

Catch your Fire

Do you remember the IBC or wait The Ice Bucket Challenge? Whereby, celebrities and politicians started recording themselves whilst throwing buckets of ice water over their heads, which in turn spurred thousands or maybe even millions of people to join in the party to raise awareness of ALS or Amyotrophic…

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