When I was about 12 years old and spending my summer holidays at my grandparents home in North England, a kid we played with, one with a difficult family background to say the least, was keen to summon evil forces via a ritual that involved peeling an orange in a certain way whilst standing in front of a mirror and reciting a pater nostrum prayer backwards. So, being the inquisitive type I still am, I tried it. More to prove this particularly fellow wrong than anything else, given there had been some childish beef between us. Back at my grandparents place, I waited until I was alone in the house and went ahead with this foolish experiment, but kind of stopped at some point as I felt some heavy darkness coming on and the heebie jeebies take over me.

That night I had a vivid dream and one I have never forgotten. Some entity disguised as my grandfather took me to a place that was familiar to me and told me that some peeps wanted to meet with me. He opened up a latched door, sort of a manhole cover and led me into a subterranean room filled with monstrous humanoid reptiles that were eating human flesh, mostly newborn babies. Freaky shit indeed. I remember they proposed something to me, a bartering deal of some kind, but only if I joined them to the table and ate what they were feasting on. Meanwhile, a rabid multi-headed hound dog was running circles around the table. I remember its frothing snout, barks and multiple set of fangs. Interestingly enough, years later I encountered that particular monstrous animal in a painting, possibly by Goya, though my memories remain somewhat clouded in this regard. At the barter, my soul rebelled violently at the whole lot, a warrior cry of rebuttal ensued and the mixture of fear and upset anger, woke me up sweating like buckets.

Many years later while living in London, I was hanging out with a friend who was deep in the UFO phenomenon and esoteric knowledge. He was into David Hicke and the whole reptilian agenda he has been proposing since the early 2000s. Though slightly incredulous, I was drawn to this extraordinary extravaganza of information and started investigating. I bought one of Hicke’s books and started reading on the subject. I think it was “Infinite love is the only solution, everything else is an illusion” and was shocked to find some stories that featured these entities, complete with pictures that reminded me of these creatures I had seen in my personal experience. Anyway, life carries on.

In and around 2016, I was invited to a New Year’s party where I decided to take some hallucinogenics. For a laugh, mostly. After a while, it got real trippy and as colors, shapes and light blended into each other, I started seeing flashes and glimpses of these entities appear in and around people. In their faces, their bodies, their aura. These lizzies were everywhere. I wasn’t scared, but I wasn’t laughing either. More, on guard than anything else. While dancing, I started incorporating some gipsy gestures I had seen back in my home town of Rome in the Eighties, whenever one would meet a band of Schyntian kids that roamed the streets looking for easily distracted tourists to rob. Gestures meant to ward off evil forces. I also instinctively started to build a white energy shield around me to protect myself from invasion. Anyhow, this is what this print is about.

As unreal as these events may appear, I know in my heart and soul that all of these energies exist in the unseen. They can prey on us, they can use us, manipulate us and pretty much suck us dry by feeding on our low vibes but only if we let them in. I have seen them lurking wherever there are low vibratory fields. Something about these vibes opens up a door into our auric field which facilitates their entry. But if your heart and soul are pure and filled with divine love power, then there is very little they can do aside from temptation. That’s my two pence on it, anyway.