A few years back, and for a while, I was having apocalyptic dreams of natural forces having the best of human kind. Tidal waves, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, you name it. Usually, the dream ended just as I was about to get hit by one element or another, so I could never really figure out how I would end up, so to speak.

One day, I came across an online article about a bunch of people who climbed down into an active volcano. The piece was correlated with awesome pictures of the fiery cauldron, which ended up being the foundation for this piece. I then manipulated the individual in the fireproof suit so that both of his arms were raised in a classic crucified JC pose and called it a day.

Despite our efforts, as a species we have yet to reach the spiritual awareness needed to work alongside nature. We are still stuck on the paradigm of control and trying to tame our natural environment, bend it to our limited will and all of the visible fallacy it carries with it. So, in a nutshell this is the main theme and/or idea behind this print.

“Uh ah, sock it to me like you know to uh/
I can take it like a pro you’ll know…”
Missy Elliott | Sock it to me