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Just Be

After five years I'm back on the island of Ibiza, having been invited to manage and produce a startup branding assignment by La Isla Project, an art collective based on this Balearic island that was my home until the spring of 2017. Earlier in January Marco Ferraris, a multitalented photographer and art video director I had briefly worked with back here on the island, had asked me to assess a group of people he wanted to work together to form a new creative agency that could also act as an event organizer and formation services provider.  We decided that the best way forward for now…

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The Androemoticon State

I came across Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo's painting "The Fourth State" a few times in my life as part of my Art History studies, and though it is regarded as one of the most iconic paintings of the twentieth century, I never quite felt much appreciation for it despite its social meaning and craft. Nevertheless, I found a high-res scan of it on the web and stored it for "a rainy day kind of thing". In 2016, after having resisted the impulse to purchase a smart phone for years, mainly in fear of becoming one of so many Izombies you see everywhere, I finally buckled…

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I had this idea back in college to somehow create a visual hand gestures vocabulary to describe the many hand signs and symbology of Italian culture. I had originally wanted to make small etchings, however aside from a few ink pen sketches it never took off and instead I extended the theme to be included in my "IncontriirtnocS" series: Twenty-three life-size portraits - charcoal on raw loose canvas - of friends captured in different body positions suggesting postural communication typical of Italian culture, which ended up being the fulcrum of my graduation thesis. A few years passed, yet once ideas are seeded they keep on…

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