Since I can remember I’ve always felt like an alien. Growing up with parents from two distinctively different cultures can do that to you. There was a time during my teenage years where I often felt out of place. I didn’t feel neither fish nor fowl, so to speak. If I was in the UK people would say: “ah OK so you’re Italian then! “. In Italy it was: “eh you are so British! “. It’s all pretty harmless criticism, but my sensitivity was deeply attuned to certain feelings of alienation already, so little things like this forced me to deal with it and make myself stronger on this particular issue.

I wasn’t a Trekkie as a kid, nor did I have any particular interest in space, apart from that in robot Japanese cartoons like Goldrake and Mazinga. I knew it was out there, but I never asked myself if it carried any intelligent life forms or not. However I did spend incredible amounts of time asking myself the million dollar questions: “Where am I from?” and “Why am I here?”. My favourite tv show was Mork & Mindy. The one where Robin Williams played Mork, an extraterrestrial trapped on earth coming to terms with humans, feelings, emotions. Anyway until 2008, if you would have asked me if I believed in humanoid life outside of this planet I would have simply said no, because I did not have any proof. I did see some weird bright lights in Guelph, Canada once in 1994 whilst returning from a late painting session at the Uni, but always dismissed them as a trick of the eye from working long hours.

Then in 2008 I went to live at my friend Al’s place in London and he was head deep into the subject. He showed me the documentary ‘Out of the Blue’ and from there I was hooked. I spent the next two years absorbed mainly in the UFO phenomenon, trying to gather as much info as possible through the web mostly, which is always a fallible means of collecting info. But I also read a lot of books and publications on the subject, saw orbs in North Ontario, met an abductee woman in Budapest and had a few insights of my own. How much is self-induced I am not quite sure yet, however despite all of the misinformation out there, I’ve come to believe in the existence of intelligent humanoid life outside of this planet and that in some way they are linked to Earth and possibly human evolution.

Strangely enough, I personally find it a more logical explanation than those offered by mainstream science and religion. Plus, it’s the twenty-first century for f**k sakes and given the current social panorama of deceit and lies we experiencing, everybody should be entitled to believe what they want to believe. As long as you not harming anyone. So, this project stems from this internal dialogue of mine and aims at raising questions, eyebrows, voices, laughs and criticisms. The door is wide open so do what you feel but once you’re in please don’t shut it behind you.

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